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Canadian purity.

Canada’s purest and most revitalizing glacial water from secluded Rocky Mountain springs. North Water is naturally high in alkalinity and healthful minerals flowing from our bountiful earth. The result; naturally occurring, uncompromised purity - a luxury that’s yours to sip.


Water Bottle

Made with intention.

Plastic has passed its prime. It’s no secret - our health, vitality and planet are being tarnished by these toxins, calling us to rethink how we consume. It’s why we created a bottle as intentional as the water it holds. Left untouched for centuries, North Water is bottled in aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material. Each vessel is crafted for 100% recyclability and harm-free hydration that you can revel in carrying.

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Wander well.

A bottle that’s strong, sleek and resealable to carry you through every kind of day - from your morning commute, to the boardroom, the fitness studio and back again. North Water is your conscious invitation to wander a path less travelled. It’s a refreshing kind of freedom.

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Water Lake

A company vision founded on Canadian values.

Saawan is a proud immigrant to Canada and shares a strong entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for sustainability. She adventured internationally over the years, and while her love for the globe runs deep, her love for Canada and its limitless possibilities runs deeper.

Throughout her travels, Saawan gained an elevated appreciation for the clean and pristine spring water of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. So, why hasn't the country shared its distinctly refreshing water in a plastic-alternative bottle, with the rest of the world?

After discovering and sipping from a stream in the Rockies, the dream took meaningful shape. And her thirst-quenching homage to Canada became...

  • A thoughtful initiative that honours the land she loves.
  • A reminder to look North, and forge her own path.

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Our Mission

Our mission.

We at North Water aim to inspire healthier communities and a healthier planet and doing some honest good. North Water not only nourishes the body with a high alkaline spring water, but also helps the planet by using an infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle. At North Water we believe we are the change.