North Water: A Thoughtful Initiative that Honours the Land She Loves 

Hot off the press in February 2020 was the launch of North Water, a water company founded on Canadian values that hold health, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, safety and economic security close to heart, resonating deeply with the founders of the product. Ninety-one percent of all plastics end up in landfills and oceans for hundreds of years, killing marine life and adding to climate change, threatening flora and fauna and even human existence. North Water is changing this, a small company doing big things.


North Water is Canada’s finest premium alkaline water, sourced from the untouched extensive mountain glaciers of the Canadian Rockies that date back to over one billion years. The Rocky Mountains took shape as a result of intense plate tectonic activity thousands of years ago, resulting in several major rivers. The mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies are generally cooler and more wet, providing moisture to the mineral rich soils and contributing to the lush, bountiful rivers and glaciers for her people to enjoy. The co-founder and CEO of North Water, Saawan Logan, amongst one of her many cool trekking adventures, discovered the refreshing taste of Canada’s pristine glacial spring water and envisioned an exciting opportunity that had multifaceted benefits for years to come. “We have a number of bottled water options in Canada, but none that resonates as a brand that we can call our own,” Logan said.


North Water has an impressive pH range of 8.2 and is loaded with minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, bottled in a BPA free, strong, sleek, light, resealable and recycled aluminium. According to Logan, the concept of using cheap plastic has well-passed its prime. “We are living in a disposable society with products having a single use and short  lifespan and this is ethically and morally questionable”. Her idea of countering plastic with reusable aluminium - in the beverage world has been supported by many. “The infinitely recyclable property of aluminium makes it a smarter alternative to its plastic packaged counterparts,” says Logan.


Logan is an accomplished woman of many interests: A global philanthropist, Spartan contender, international adventurer and a passionate advocate for the empowerment of immigrant women in Canada. Logan’s expertise in commerce, financial reporting and asset strategy spans across the Pacific Islands, Australia, Asia and Canada in her tenures with world renowned organizations such as the International Red Cross, Jetstar Airlines, TransCanada Pipeline and Cenovus Energy, all of which has moulded Logan into a new age thinker and entrepreneur that is boldly challenging the status quo.


Logan encourages mindful consumption and is asking consumers to support ethical and local businesses to join hands in fighting the drastic effects of plastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. The bottled water industry is a very small and efficient energy user and also has the lowest water to energy use ratios of all packaged beverages. How efficient is the aluminium recycling process one may ask? The use of recycled aluminium utilizes ninety-five per cent less energy than creating aluminium from raw materials. According to research conducted by PSSI/Stanford Recycling Land, Buildings & Real Estate, one ton of recycled aluminium saves “14,000 kilowatt hours (Kwh) of energy, forty barrels of oil, 20 million BTU's of energy, and ten cubic yards of landfill space”. A majority of aluminium cans contain 68% total recycled content and can be recycled almost indefinitely, keeping the quality of durability and the aluminium intact.


North Water’s impressive tribe of stockists include Canada’s organic and natural produce retailers such as Lina’s Italian Market, Pomme Nature, Nature’s Fare, Dad’s Organic, Marcello’s Market & Deli in Suncor and also select Safeway Sobey’s stores. The premium water has also been a successful addition in the beverage menu served at the luxury historic hotel, Fairmont Banff Springs and WeWork Calgary, a leader in the shared co-working spaces business model locally and abroad.


In the true spirit of believing that “We are the Change” by giving and making an impact to the lives of the Canadians, North Water has proudly partnered with a local charity, True North Water. True North Water funds clean water projects around the world and conducts training and research into First Nations reserves in order to provide access to clean drinking water to the First Nations communities in Canada. This in particular is an activity that Logan fondly cherishes and supports. According to True North Water everyone, everywhere deserves clean drinking water. Sadly, 663 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water and together with the help of companies such as North Water, this can be changed. The company aims to be an active agent for zero hunger, good health and well being and creating sustainable cities and communities here at home and abroad. Amidst, the unprecedented and unsettling times that COVID_19 has presented to the world, Saawan is announcing a donation of 10% for every North Water bottle purchased online to the Food Bank in Calgary. “This is an initiative that is above and beyond our partnership with True North Water”, says Logan.


Logan’s goal in the next twelve months is to stay actively connected with the communities of Canada to forge a sustainable North Water brand. “The company is no doubt expanding and will open additional jobs to benefit the local community and the economy with plans to expand across Canada and the United States.


North Water is confident of capturing the market share of a conscious consumer that is health-aware and mindful of their environmental footprint and with a tidy collection of investors and partners down pat, she is well on her way to a remarkably clean and environmentally friendly future. The goal, said Logan, is  to educate people about the alternatives to beverages clad in unforgiving and harmful plastic and inspire millions to preserve, to protect and to sustain nourished bodies and a nourished planet.