Social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a strong catalyst in changing the way I have been doing things. For me this has been a time to forge a deep connection within myself and create meaningful relationships in my circle. My work commute time is now replaced with reflection and reading in the mornings, and in the evenings, creating fresh, scrumptious storms from my humble kitchen. For the rest of us, board games are making their way back to the lounge, virtual work and social drinks have replaced traditional in- person meetings, internet workouts are keeping those calories at bay and we are purchasing additional entertainment subscriptions to finally catchup with that television series. Parents are grappling with working from home and are challenged with coming up with new ideas to positively stimulate their kids, whilst the neighbour’s dog is getting a little too tired with the random and countless walks he has been given by each member of the family!

Being mindful of the mundane is key to manage these uncertain times for those at home and for our busy frontline medical heroes and essential workers it is important to prioritize nourishing our bodies with fresh and healthy nutrition, now more than ever.


Drinking water is one of the best ways to get hydrated and keep us nourished for optimal functioning. Clean water replaces the nutrients that your body has lost via excretion, perspiration, working out and breathing, believe it or not, and revitalizes the body, aiding weight loss, boosting immunity and keeping your skin, body and mind in a top-notch state.


Below are some top tips from our Earth loving North Water folks on clever ways to stay more hydrated as the mercury rises in summer.


  1. Invest in a new BPA free and non-plastic bottle that can be reused and refilled. North Water bottles are sustainable and intentionally made from aluminium to preserve the freshness and quality of water as you go about your busy day.
  2. Have a bottle of water first thing in the morning. I squeeze a wedge of lemon juice for extra taste and detox.
  3. Track your water intake by noting how many bottles or glasses you consume. Set a reminder on your phone to drink every half hour.
  4. Do not forget to indulge with extra servings of fresh veggie and fruit, they too add to your water intake for the day.
  5. A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. (PRO TIP: Just add North Water)
  6. Hot and cold beverages such as herbal teas and protein shakes help with hydration- do not be shy to try different hydrating drinks.
  7. Hankering for a snack? Have water instead; sometimes, our bodies confuse thirst for hunger.


If you just can’t remember to drink enough water, look for ways to build it into your day and to make water your go-to drink.


And don’t forget to BE MINDFUL OF THE MUNDANE.


Yours in health, Saawan.